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There are few things that are kept in mind before constructing a building.The steps involved in building construction are:
Planning – which is all about developing a plan , analysing the finance and selecting a construction team. The next requirement is -site preparation and insurance. It is followed by the reinforcement by the contractor and later a final inspection is scheduled.
Once all of this is done the construction of roofs is executed along with electric and water supply. Now adequate windows and exterior doors are placed.This leads us to the finishing of the walls and surfaces.

Earth moving

(What is earth moving? One line is enough for explaining what is earth moving)
Different types of earth-moving machines are capable of accomplishing different types of tasks The equipment which are commonly used for earth moving are evacuator, trenches,bulldozers and more .These equipment are used to carry out processes such as excavation, demolition, heavy lifting, grading, digging landscaping, mining, dredging and more.
( One line for types of machines used. And no need to write what can earth moving
machines can do.)

Road construction

The construction of roads can be described by three processes:
Setting out- In this method a dimensional layout is made. Here a series of boards are kept exactly 1 metre above the completed construction along the proposed line of the road. Earthworks- This is usually done using a tractor shovel, grader or bulldozer. It depends upon the quality and compressibility of the subsoil. Paving construction- Once the drainage and buried services are installed , paving construction begins.In this process different materials are applied to the layers.

Rmc bricks

Ready Mixed Concrete bricks are made of concrete that is manufactured in a factory .Due to technical advancement these bricks have become common now.
These bricks are highly durable and sustainable. These were made as an attempt to reduce the usage of cement in the construction sector. With the production of these, there is less emission of CO2 and less environmental problems. Also the Rmc can be reused and recycled.


Pipelines play an important role in construction. At first a plan is made, the pipeline route is surveyed with other ongoing operations.The pipe is transported in to the easement and laid end to end.Now a specialised machinery is used to bend the pipe and pipe sections are welded together. ( why do we need to explain the whole process?)The pipe is coated to reduce the possibility of corrosion and is used in construction.

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