The world is badly hit by Corona virus. From India to America, from Russia to Brazil every part of the
world is greatly exhausted. There is a feeling of fear all over the world. The so called medical
developments by some super developed nations are hanging in the air. There is a sense of uncertainty in
almost each and every nation. People all over the world are in fear and unrest. Almost every kind of
business is at the verge of collapse. But there are construction businessmen who are really sanguine and
facing the pandemic with positive attitude. If you are also one of those who wants to start construction
business, then this article is for you. We are going to give you some tips that will help you in starting
your construction business. See, construction business is quite different from other business because in
this business there are a lot of other things related. Let’s understand some of the tips before you start
any construction business.
A. Proper Communication – Construction business involves a lot of factors. This business is a kind
of group activity. There are lot of people involved. Government bidding, site inspection, techno-
savvy engineers, skilled labourers, transportation, good supply of raw material, several
document clearance from government are the issues which are to be well thought before
opening this business. Proper communication may play a key role in this. Be well communicated
with the staff needed.
B. Financial Planning – Finance is the major thing which is needed greatly in any construction
business. It is said that there is no honey without money. Purely dependent on the client’s
sanction may be risky and let your business hang in air. There may be delay in money sanction
as of COVID-19. Apply some loans from banks so that your construction business does not hang
in the air. Monitor the cost before you go ahead and introspect yourself.

C. Innovation And Marketing Research – The world is totally changing during this pandemic. Since,
it has changed a lot. The business’s needs have also changed since this pandemic’s inception.
The things related to construction are not as same they used to be. One should be innovative
and proactive in this case. According to some business experts marketing research may play a
key role in this. Go through some surveys or you can conduct any survey which is needed by the
market. If you have proper market research then the time is yours and your construction
business will flourish.
D. Reskilling And Absorbing new technologies – Each and every factor depends on how much active
you are about your construction business. The more dedicated you are towards your business,
the more are your chances of getting successful. The time is changing at great pace. Get your
man power reskilled. Innovation can also be helpful in this case. Reliable and new technologies
always give the desired results. So, do mention the aforesaid tips and open your construction

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Novel Corona Virus which is simply known as COVID – 19. It has become a buzz word nowadays. Emerged from China, it has created great havoc all over the world. From East to West, North to South,
poor to rich, developed to underdeveloped, every part and section of the world is affected. Every kind of industry is greatly affected by this. Tourism, finance, mining, defence, science and technology, wood, food and beverage, education, transport, electronics, construction, human resources, sports and many more are the victims of it. World’s economy has gone very low since the inception of COVID-19. There is kind of unrest amongst the major countries of the world. Today, we are going to discuss how the
construction industries affected due to this pandemic.
Construction simply involves activities related to any kind of creation. Like building of housing apartments, constructing of road, flyovers, basement, streets, bridges, sewerages, canals, ports and
airports and many more come in the radius of construction industry. Let’s understand some factors
which affected this industry. These factors developed due to pandemic.

  1. Closure of government and non-government offices – The pandemic COVID-19 affected the
    whole world incessantly. The government and non-government machinery stopped working due
    to lock-down imposed by the administration. The whole system came to a halt and still it is
    going on. Let’s understand how it affected construction industry by these two points:-
     Scarcity of funds-It is well known that construction industries need frequent funds for
    the smooth running of the ongoing and upcoming projects. Closing of the government
    offices created a halt to the projects as there were no funds. This led to a great loss not
    only to the constructor but also to the government. The result was non-delivering, late-
    delivering of the projects.
     Sanctioning of new projects-The new sanctions of the new projects came to complete
    stop. The constructors who had assembled many costly apparatus like; vehicles and
    other machinery went to loss. Some of them had to go under debt.
  2. Unavailability of labourers-The pandemic brought not only destruction but also fear and unrest
    with it. The labourers working in the construction industries did not get untouched by it.
    Migration, hunger, thirst, frustration faced by them. Let’s understand what they faced by some
     Health risk – Health is the primary need of every human being. People were getting ill all
    over the world. The construction workers got aware of that and hesitated to work. Lots of
    labourers working other than their home state were seen going on foot. Construction
    industries could not work in such circumstances.
     A lack of daily-need materials – The shops, malls were closed everywhere. The construction
    workers could not get the items of their daily needs on time. Their anger resulted in
    complete shutdown of ongoing projects. Some labourers increased their wages in these
  3. Transport industry, the life-line of construction-industry – Roads are considered arteries of a
    nation and vehicles are like blood. When blood stops circulating in the body, a person dies.

Same happens with a nation also, when vehicles stops circulating, development stops. It is well
known that in construction industry regularly needs material. Cement, dust, iron bars, labourers
are transported from one site to the other. The closure of the transport industry brought to the
closure of the construction industry also.
Finally, it can be said that construction industry is greatly affected by the pandemic and theloss is

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