Raghu traders by Virender Dalal is one of the top most construction company located in Haryana

The way we work

R traders started its establishment in the year 2017. Now within two years we have successfully executed many projects in the construction field.We have grown into a dynamic and diverse construction company.

R traders always look forward to taking part in all kinds of projects. This company was initiated to co-operate with everyone and work deliberately.

Building construction

There are a few things that are kept in mind before constructing a building. The steps involved in building construction are:
Planning – which is all about developing a plan, analyzing the finance, and selecting a construction team….


Pipelines play an important role in construction. At first, a plan is made, the pipeline route is
surveyed with other ongoing operations.

Road construction:

The construction of roads can be described by three processes:
Setting out- In this method a dimensional layout is made. Here a series of boards are kept exactly 1 meter above the completed

Rmc bricks:

Ready Mixed Concrete bricks are made of concrete that is manufactured in a factory. Due to technical advancement, these bricks have become common now.

R traders utilise good quality of basic material such as bricks, concrete,and so on which leads us to a better foundation . As it is rightly said. You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. We also understand that high quality doesn’t mean high cost. Our company provides best values without any compromise in the design or quality.


We project manage the entire design and construction process

Our start to finish solutions

R traders utilize the good quality of basic material such as bricks, concrete, and so on which leads us to a better foundation. As it is rightly said " You can't build a great building on a weak foundation " We also understand that high quality doesn't mean high cost. Our company provides the best values without any compromise in the design or quality.

Being the Pioneer, Building the Future

Knowledgeable professionals

The pioneers don’t just work in the field of infrastructure but are also involved in entrepreneurship and small business research. These individuals can make a commitment to being a pioneer and bring a change in whatever way they can. It’s the pooling of knowledge, experience, ideas, power and capital that brings pioneers to look forward.It means they use their skills outside their comfort zone for new purposes and helping other people with their own capabilities.Besides developing ideas and products, they focus on what motivates the team and the customers to build a bright future.

Pre-Construction and Planning

The planning period of construction is known as pre construction. There are many pre construction stages that a contractor goes through ,to ensure that a project goes smoothly. The point of pre construction is to think of every possible scenario and contingency that can be encountered in the project. It includes the pre construction costs and pre construction services. This plan is formed through a mix of expertise and experience. The contractor and clients have many follow-up meetings to stay updated and make changes to the plan. At last the scope, budget, and schedule are anticipated..

We perform post-construction

The objective of the Post-Construction stage is to maintain building performance throughout the useful life of the facility.It is the adjustment, optimization and modification of building systems.This detailed operation deals with the building’s layout and technical works. After every element of the construction is complete, the owner moves into the facility and looks for major issues.Now the contractor makes it a point of standing behind the work and gets it done.This process requires a working team to have an in-depth training on the proper and safe use of equipment.

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and functions.

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